Try Not to Suck

“Try Not to Suck” became the rallying cry of the Chicago Cubs during their 2016 World Series Championship run, their first one in 108 years. It started in September 2015 when Javy Baez made his debut with the Cubs. Manager Joe Maddon, in an effort to relax the youngster, set that as his expectation. I […]

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The word pursuit is a noun that is the action of following or endeavoring after someone or something. When I hear the word pursuit, I immediately picture the football drill we used as conditioning; but also, to create the mindset to never give up. The drill was to have defensive players set a pursuit angle

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Right Now

Its fall and its football season, well at least a modified version. Certain songs have stronger connections for me in the fall. One of them is Right Now by Van Halen. We used it as a pregame song to create a level of inspiration. The song is a message about living in the moment. Sammy

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Healing Wounds

It is summer and wearing shorts is the norm, especially since we are all staying home these days. One day last week during a long conference call, I looked down and saw the scar on my left leg. It is over 1” long and looks like the #7. I was 8 years old and ripped

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The Long Play

In a recent work experience I was in the field, literally, working with farmers. The subjects of ‘no till’ and ‘cover crops’ were being discussed as an emerging trend in farming and one that has tremendous upside for the future of agricultural, specifically for soil health. Although the science and data demonstrate the loss of

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Correcting Drift

Leap years exist to get our calendars back in sync with the solar system. So, February 29th is all about correcting drift. By inserting an additional day into the year, the drift can be corrected. We may owe the existence of leap year to the historic fling between Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. The Egyptians were

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Take the Blame

I was at a party at a neighbor’s house and it was crowded, with about twice as many people as the space comfortably fit. Like a typical neighborhood event we spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Within the crowd was my neighbor’s dog and of course it was underfoot and got stepped on

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The Station

One day while I was at home on break from college I was sitting at the kitchen table with my Dad. He shared with me a newspaper article called ‘The Station’, written by Robert Hastings. Over 35 years later, I still have the original cutout from that evening’s paper. It means that much to me.

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