What do current and former clients think of Coach Mahr and the experience of working with him?

Coach Mahr Client Reviews

Brandon Johnson,
Maryland State Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“I witnessed each week Coach Mahr presenting a simple, yet powerful pregame message to the Westminster Football team. The messages were incredibly memorable for each player and coach that listened, so much so, I find myself repeating them years later. He has had a big influence on me and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in our community. As the first Chairman of our local FCA Board he helped take the organization to the next level with his leadership and professional guidance. Through his personal investment in me and mentoring, I have been able to grow into larger roles within FCA. Coach Mahr not only has great influence, but also great integrity. He has provided an immense amount of value, not only to me, but hundreds in our community!"

Patrick Sprankle,
Director of Youth Ministry, St. Louis Parish, Clarksville, MD

“I first heard about Coach Bob's insightful and inspiring blog from a relative.  Already widely disseminated, the regular gems of faith Bob writes are both hope filled and wise and I learned much from them. Bob's name was offered a few years later by a parent of a teen in our church faith formation program. I was asked to consider him for a speaking engagement and readily contacted him.  Coach Bob presented clearly, competently, and challengingly, calling our young people to a deeper and more enriching life.  Using his trademark images of rowing and toothpaste and sports, Bob engaged and empowered our high school group to live more fully.  Thanks, Coach Bob!”

Whitney A. Warner,
Elementary School Principal

“Coach Mahr has been speaking at Westminster Elementary’s 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony for 10+ years.  His speech to our students is motivating, meaningful, and inspiring.  He reaches our students on their level and sends the messages of facing challenges, working hard together, and never giving up.  He helps them reflect on their Elementary School experience, prepare for Middle School, and look to the future of High School.  Mr. Mahr captures the audience, which is not always easy with 5th graders, engages them in active participation, and makes them laugh.  He gets students thinking about choices they will make that will help them have a bright future.  We look forward to Mr. Mahr’s motivational speech each year!  Thank you Mr. Mahr!”

Jeremy Snyder,
High School Special Ed Instructional Team Leader, Football & Basketball Coach

“I just want to say how impressive Bob Mahr is as a speaker.  I have heard him speak in a variety of settings and Bob is able to relate to so many people with his down to earth personality and calm demeanor.  He makes you feel that you are a part of the story with his energetic and personable delivery.  I have seen him speak to high school students and to adults and in both settings, Bob has been entertaining, humorous, heartfelt, and moving.  Bob has a way of balancing the seriousness of the moment with humor and joy.  He is an effective speaker because he makes a real connection with the people in the audience.  Bob is a very inspiring speaker!”

Michael Pelletier,
Vice President, Maver Wireless

“I’ve been a regular follower of Coach Mahr’s blog since day one. It has been a source of inspiration and entertainment. I consistently find myself referring to its content in my daily life. I have also had the pleasure of hearing one of his talks and would highly recommend the experience.  It was fun, relevant, engaging, and I walked away from it with an enhanced understanding of the discussion topic.”

Ray Vernon,
National Sales Manager, Director & Coach AAU Basketball

“Over the years I have had numerous opportunities to listen to Coach Mahr speak at various meetings and events. Whether it was a business focused speech to a room full of salespeople, or a series of faith-based life lessons to my high school age basketball team, Coach Mahr delivered insightful and motivational messages in an engaging and upbeat style. Coach Mahr creates his talks based on the group he is meeting with and always delivers with an engaging style that includes humor and his philosophical approach to life. No matter what the topic of his speeches was focused on, they always provided a lesson for me to ponder and apply to my life.”

Matt Study,
Resource Teacher Special Education, Head Coach High School Football

“Coach Mahr brings knowledge from all levels both athletic and work force.  He understands the core principles of successful people.  He will motivate and challenge you to be a better person.”

Ben Hellming,
Global VP of Sales

“Over the years as I have become a fan of Coach Mahr’s weekly blogs.  I’ve read, and highly recommend Bob’s book, “Godspeed and Guideposts for your Journey.” He is an excellent communicator and through his writing and speaking is encouraging and inspiring.   Bob’s personal life, business success and coaching experience have blessed him with a world of experience to share to a world that desperately needs a positive and inspiring message.”

Susan Bonura,
Past District Governor, Lions International

“Coach Mahr exhibits the confidence, knowledge, and intelligence of a quality speaker. He balances teaching and storytelling and has “a phrase that pays” as a takeaway. Coach Mahr does an excellent job of merging sports analogies, life stories, and biblical content into the most interesting and thought-provoking stories. Most of all, Coach Mahr is a very likable person.

Shari Guilfoile,
Executive Leadership and Communications Coach

“Coach Mahr's insights on faith and everyday life are both practical and inspiring.  Drawing on years of experience working with and coaching young people, Bob Mahr is a perfect headliner for any event wishing to entertain and inspire its audience from teenagers to mature adults.  The audience is sure to walk away with a greater sense of purpose than when they walked in.”

Aileen Musselman,
Site Leader and Sales Director, Procter & Gamble

“As a Catholic, a mom, and a business woman I really value reading Coach Mahr’s unique perspective on faith, discipleship, and leadership. I find his concepts accessible, relatable, thought-provoking, and actionable. Bob’s style is impactful for adults both young and old. I know my own kids find him to be one of the best speakers about faith and character they have heard on their own journey. I highly recommend 'Godspeed and Guideposts for Your Journey' as required reading for young adults, as well as Coach Mahr’s blog posts for a shot of wisdom, hope, and inspiration in our challenging world.”


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