Coach Mahr is answering a call to combine his life experiences as a business leader, a football coach, and a father with his faith to share insights and lessons learned.

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Coach Bob Mahr is answering a call to combine his life experiences as a business leader, a football coach, and a father with his faith to share insights and lessons learned. He uncovers how God’s prominence is interwoven through everyday life. He goes deep into the balance between experiencing the journey and the excitement of the destination. He emphasizes that we must enjoy the trip, respect the scenery, and most importantly love and connect with our fellow passengers.

Bob has worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, attended business meetings in 5 states in 5 days, traveled overseas for business, met other’s priorities and deadlines; all while sharing responsibilities with a working spouse to provide a stable home and raise three children. He has lived the “hurried” life, survived, and learned how to put it in the right context. Bob feels fortunate that through all of this, he has discovered something special and heard God’s whisper to share.

His life experiences feed his winsome anecdotes and imagery to create “stickiness” to his insights. He makes complex thoughts relatable to everyday life. He is letting God use him as His ‘Huckleberry’ to meet people where they are, inspire them to reflect on their situation and discern where they need to be. Coach creates guideposts along the way.

Coach Mahr is an accomplished Keynote Speaker, Dinner Emcee, Fundraiser Host, as well as Mentor. He has presented his thoughts before Corporations, Church Congregations, Volunteer Communities and Youth Groups.

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  • A Catholic Christian whose faith grows unceasingly.
  • Oldest of 3 brothers from Pittsburgh, PA.
  • BS Chemical Engineering from Lafayette College.
  • MBA Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University.
  • Three-year football starter, at D1-AA (FCS) level.
  • Led the nation in Interceptions (10) in 1981, still a school record.
  • Inducted into Lafayette College’s Athletic Hall of Fame, 2010.
  • Free agent tryouts with the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) and Montreal Concordes (CFL).
  • Owned and operated his own business.
  • Worked for large multi-national corporations as well as small and family-owned companies, and firms that range from 175 years old to a tech start-up.
  • Director of a multi-million-dollar division.
  • Responsible for training and development of an international sales force.
  • Succeeded as an individual contributor, team member, team leader, and VP through teamwork, empowering people, building relationships through honest and transparent efforts.
  • Coached over 50 teams at every level from recreation soccer; AAU and high school basketball; high school and college Football; as well as Special Olympics volleyball.
  • Founded an AAU Girls’ Basketball program that served over 100 girls for a 10-year period.
  • Active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as a Board Chairperson, Campus Huddle Coach and Character Coach.
  • Involved with several local grassroots volunteer organizations.
  • Most importantly, a devoted husband and father of three adult daughters all making a difference in the world.


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