All of Coach Mahr’s talks come with a lifetime warranty.
Coach Mahr is an accomplished Keynote Speaker, Dinner Emcee, Fundraiser Host, as well as Mentor. He has presented his thoughts before Corporations, Church Congregations, Volunteer Communities and Youth Groups.


All of Coach Mahr’s talks come with a lifetime warranty. Anyone who attends one of his talks can reach out to talk further. Coach sticks around afterwards to answer questions and mingle with attendees. He also offers post-event ‘Follow-up Tips’ as part of his engagement.

His talks are engaging and make a connection with the audience through anecdotal stories and real-world examples. They can be tailored to connect with the specific goals or theme of the event.

Coach has personally shared his message in front of college and high school football teams, businesses, volunteer organizations, and is the on-going keynote speaker a local elementary school’s 5th grade farewell ceremony. Coach is easy to work with, quick to respond, dependable, and very flexible.


A talk that considers how we begin to recognize and build presence in ourselves.

  • Focus on Being and not Doing.
  • It is a Privilege - "Who we get to be and be with - every day - is a privilege!"
  • Mindfulness
  • Love Others

A talk that considers journeying together with love, compassion, and humility; regarding others as more important than ourselves.

  • Meet in the Aisle
  • Cannot Build on Broken
  • Synergy
  • Love Others

Journey to Pilgrimage
A talk that considers transforming our journey into a pilgrimage, which carries with it a greater significance where the result can be transformative.

  • Leave a Legacy
  • Make a Difference
  • Come to Balance
  • Love Others

Sum of Our Choices
A talk that considers our life is the downstream sum of our choices. The more we realize we are in control of our choices, the better we are.

  • Do Our Part
  • Deserve Success
  •  Discipline
  • Love Others
Row Row Row Your Boat

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Asked to be a last-minute replacement speaker for a 5th grade farewell ceremony, Coach used his character training sessions as a football coach to “come up with something on short notice.” He has been invited back every year to deliver the same speech, including a virtual speech in 2020. Coach has also done this talk for high school and college football teams, adult organizations, and businesses.

  • The speech is a metaphor using the nursery rhyme Row, Row, Row Your Boat as life’s instructional manual with ‘your boat’ being ‘your life.’
  • A simple message for the young students that has enough ‘meat’ to it that the teachers (who hear it every year) and the parents also enjoy it.

5% or 100%
A talk meant for Adult Coaches working in Youth Sports Organizations.

  • Although only 1.5% of youth athletes go on to play in college, 100% of them become citizens.
  • What is our focus as coaches?
  • Coach has spent his life coaching the 100%, not to the 1.5%.


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