Holy Spirit

Love and Tolerance

This was a challenging blog to write, requiring much prayerful reflection. It started as a simple blog based off a Bible podcast comment, regarding Jacob loving Rachel but tolerating Leah. However, the more I explored the contrast between love and tolerance, the more complex it became. As I was pulling all the threads together, I

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Metanoia – change in one’s way of life resulting from spiritual conversion. The word ‘metanoia’ is Greek with ‘meta’ meaning after or beyond and ‘nous’ meaning mind. It’s commonly understood as “a transformative change of heart” and used consistently to express a fundamental change in thinking that leads to a fundamental change in behavior. Transformation

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Tree Analogy

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to speak at a dinner honoring the man who was the Head Football Coach when I was recruited to attend college. It was an honor to speak, more so because of who he is as a man and how I relate to him today. He was the head

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One of my favorite quotes that I reference often is from St. Catherine of Siena, “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” It is really a simple thought, just be you and tackle your journey with enthusiasm. Author Max Lucado offers a helpful suggestion: “Want to know

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Turn Want into Need

Early in my sales career I was told that a main part of my job was to turn a customer’s want into his need. Someone may want to purchase your product or service, but until they feel the need they likely will not. When I was discussing this adage with my Dad, a career salesman,

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Rest & Renewal

Stephen Covey’s 7th habit is called ‘Sharpening the Saw.” His point is that if we are too busy cutting to take time to sharpen the saw blade, it gets dull and takes more effort to accomplish the task. Eventually the blade gets so dull, it becomes impossible to cut. Similar analogies are taking time to

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