Lessons Learned

The title of this blog post was the subtitle of the ‘book’ that started all of this. In 2008, as my oldest daughter was graduating from high school, I put on paper my insights and reflections of what I had learned over time for her to have as a reference throughout her life.  That gift […]

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I’m Not Fine

It has always been perfectly ok to not be “fine.” In these times, even more so. This whole pandemic thing can make one sad and even create the occasional meltdown. It’s called “being human” and welcome to the club, there’s seven billion of us – most of which are going through some level of anxiety.

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Be a Blessing

As of November 7, 2019, I have outlived my Dad. I knew over 22 years ago that he was too young passing away just prior to turning 58. However, the perspective I have today deeply intensifies that feeling. I have much more life I want to live and goals to accomplish, as I am sure

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