Be A, Not A (Part 1)

When I was developing content in my role as a High School Football Coach and Character Coach, I built about 50 separate lessons around the “Be A, Not A” concept. If I ever write a second book, it will be entirely based on these lessons. I have been holding onto this content for years while […]

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There is an analogy between plant growth with sunlight and spiritual growth with grace, in that sunlight provides the power to photosynthesize and grace provides the power to do virtuous deeds. Grace is not only a way to live, but to live fully a life that blooms. It is an omnipresent influence and gift of

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Take the Blame

I was at a party at a neighbor’s house and it was crowded, with about twice as many people as the space comfortably fit. Like a typical neighborhood event we spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Within the crowd was my neighbor’s dog and of course it was underfoot and got stepped on

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