Say Yes

We purchased a camper. This has been discussed and on our list for a while now. However, there are plenty of things on that list which represent a significant budgetary expenditure. It came down to either a new camper or remodel the bathroom, which has been on the list for about 20 years. We would […]

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Wisdom not Knowledge

Knowledge is the accumulation of facts and information. Wisdom is the mindful development of knowledge and experiences with insights that deepen understanding and inform action. In other words, knowledge is a tool, and wisdom is the craft in which the tool is used. “Never mistake knowledge for wisdom.  One helps you make a living, the

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Less is More

I have an original piece of artwork displayed in my office from a friend of mine who is an artist. It is titled “Less is More.” My friend was visiting once during my kids’ elementary school fundraiser which included ‘spin art.’ If you have ever done spin art, it is cool to see what is

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Reflective Mindfulness

Today’s world is one of constant communication, always on electronic devices and social networking, a sound-bite society. There is this perceived need to be in constant touch with others.  It creates that state of being which Steven Covey called the ‘thick of thin things.’ We build relationships that are a mile wide but an inch

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