The Standard

Needtobreathe, my favorite group these days, has the song Hard Love, with the lyrics “in the morning you will need an answer; ain’t nobody going to change the standard.” It’s a fight song, an encouraging message, for the long journey between trials and redemption. It’s about appreciating the wisdom and maturity that comes from hardship. […]

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The Beauty of Losing

When a team loses a game in any sport, that game can be studied. Every game is videotaped, and more time is spent studying video tape of loses than of wins. The attention is on what went wrong and what can be done better. Likewise, the best opportunities to strengthen character often come from losses.

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Godspeed is an expression from an old Middle English phrase – God spede which means “may God cause you to succeed”.  It is also an expression used with the intention of a personal blessing and true concern for someone to successfully accomplish or complete a challenging task, typically someone about to start a journey. Its

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Press On

Success in life is more dependent on how long and hard you work than on talent.  I have seen firsthand many people with less talent than others be successful because they worked harder and longer than their more talented peers.  I have seen this in sports, in school, in business as well as in relationships.

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Deserve Success

Years ago, in doing research for a Football Character Presentation, I came across an interesting tidbit from our Founding Fathers.  Both George Washington and John Adams used similar lines in letters they wrote during the American Revolution:   “No one can guarantee success.  I can guarantee something better. We will deserve success” “It is not

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