Endeavor to be Simple

I had a great customer service experience recently and when I complimented the woman who provided it, she replied “We endeavor to be simple.”  This restaurant had a simple and clear process to engage me and the service I needed. We all prefer simplicity and clarity, not clutter and confusion. In this world of COVID […]

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I am Third

I have seen the expression “I am Third” before, but the most recent time it inspired me to read more about it. Based on those insights, I felt it was a great follow up to my previous blog, Enlightened Self Interest. I Am Third, is a saying that represents the basis for every faithful life:

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I’m Not Fine

It has always been perfectly ok to not be “fine.” In these times, even more so. This whole pandemic thing can make one sad and even create the occasional meltdown. It’s called “being human” and welcome to the club, there’s seven billion of us – most of which are going through some level of anxiety.

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Use Me

In the same week, Bill Withers passing away and Pope Francis addressing the world on the current pandemic led me to think the same thoughts. Then I realized I could work Doc Holliday into this blog. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you get how my brian works. Bill Withers is

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Final 1/3

I look at my life in three distinct time periods (so, a hockey analogy as opposed to my standard football one). The first 25+ years were about investing in myself – the focus on growing, maturing, being educated, becoming an adult, building a strong mind and body; and starting a career and being a contributing

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Low Man Wins

A well-used tenet in coaching football is the adage “low man wins.” It applies to line play as well as defeating blocks and tackling. It is all about pad level, getting into a low position enables a player to have more leverage on their opponent. Being lower to the ground provides a stronger base, more

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Servant Leadership

This is a great parable I once read: A man once asked God about heaven and hell. “I will show you hell,” God said, and took the man into a room.  A large banquet table in the center was laden with every conceivable delicacy.  The sight and smell of food were intoxicating.  Around the table

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The Last Mile

The ‘last mile’ is a phrase widely used in the telecommunications industry, the industry in which I make my living. It refers to the final leg of the network that delivers services to customers; that portion of the network that physically reaches the end-user’s premises. The last mile is typically the speed bottleneck in communication

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