The Bare Necessities

This post is the last of a 3-part series. Endeavor to be Simple, Try Not to Suck and focus on The Bare Necessities is a three-legged stool to support an uncomplicated life. When I hear the phrase ‘bare necessities,’ I immediately see Baloo the bear, from the animated 1967 Disney film The Jungle Book. Our […]

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Love and Tolerance

This was a challenging blog to write, requiring much prayerful reflection. It started as a simple blog based off a Bible podcast comment, regarding Jacob loving Rachel but tolerating Leah. However, the more I explored the contrast between love and tolerance, the more complex it became. As I was pulling all the threads together, I

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Under the Yoke

‘Under the yoke’ is an expression that means under the mercy of an immense and unjust force, burden, or pressure. Often it refers to being under the rule of a brutal dictatorship or cruel government. A yoke is a plank of wood that connects two work animals together, or the act of connecting two things

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There is an analogy between plant growth with sunlight and spiritual growth with grace, in that sunlight provides the power to photosynthesize and grace provides the power to do virtuous deeds. Grace is not only a way to live, but to live fully a life that blooms. It is an omnipresent influence and gift of

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Trophy Wife

The term ‘Trophy Wife’ is often used in a derogatory or disparaging way and refers to a wife who is regarded as a status symbol for the husband. “Trophy wife” originally appeared in a 1950 issue of The Economist newspaper, referring to the historical practice of warriors capturing the most beautiful women during battle to

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As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I have had a front row seat to the evolution and melt down of Antonio Brown. My opinion is an unchecked ego has been his Achilles heel. A healthy ego that drove Antonio to go from an unheralded 6th round draft pick to the best receiver in the NFL on

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Several years ago, I was asked by a friend to be a speaker at a 5th grade farewell ceremony when their original speaker canceled at the last minute. Being a football coach who does character training sessions, she felt I could come up with something on short notice. It must have went well as I

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Coaches Tribute

God wired me to be a coach. Yet that is not my chosen profession, just my passion. I have spent over 35 years volunteering as a coach and being involved with young athletes. I have coached at many levels – rec leagues, travel teams, AAU, High School, College, Special Olympics volleyball and even a Women’s

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