It Can Always Be Worse

I have used the line, “it can always be worse,” many times in my life. I use it to gain perspective on my current reality. To me, it helps recalibrate what is truly happening around me and allows me to make the intentional choice to accept my situation. Currently, I am in a tough place […]

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True Up

The definition of ‘true up’ is to make level, square, or balanced with the help of an adjustment. To certify what was formerly an estimate. To reconcile any skewed perception. In accounting, this type of journal entry is called ‘true-up entry.’ Lately, this term has become common and significant for me as my new company

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The Company We Keep

I just spent the last two weekends amongst family and friends. The first weekend was with my best friends from high school and their wives, 8 couples in all; the second weekend was camping with my brother and his family. This high school group of guys, we called ourselves “The Association”, was a life changer

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