Endeavor to be Simple

I had a great customer service experience recently and when I complimented the woman who provided it, she replied “We endeavor to be simple.”  This restaurant had a simple and clear process to engage me and the service I needed. We all prefer simplicity and clarity, not clutter and confusion. In this world of COVID […]

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Be A, Not A (Part 2)

When I was developing content for my role as a High School Football Coach and Character Coach, I built about 50 separate lessons around the “Be A, Not A” concept. If I ever write a second book, I may base it entirely on these lessons. Occasionally, I will post some of these lessons. This is

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My wife and I spent a recent weekend camping at Solitude Farmz in upstate New York. We spent time watching the wind create a burst of ripples on a smooth as glass pond, a swallow snaring a dragonfly in midair, and we heard the creaks of the upper tree canopy in the wind and the evening

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I am Third

I have seen the expression “I am Third” before, but the most recent time it inspired me to read more about it. Based on those insights, I felt it was a great follow up to my previous blog, Enlightened Self Interest. I Am Third, is a saying that represents the basis for every faithful life:

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Then the Door Was Locked

At a recent funeral I heard the ‘Parable of 10 Virgins’ from Matthew’s Gospel (25:10), “While they went off to buy it, the bridegroom came and those who were ready went into the wedding feast with him. Then the door was locked.” A scripture verse often used during funeral masses. I am always reminded of

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Healing Wounds

It is summer and wearing shorts is the norm, especially since we are all staying home these days. One day last week during a long conference call, I looked down and saw the scar on my left leg. It is over 1” long and looks like the #7. I was 8 years old and ripped

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Think Forward

In my most recent blog, Pass the Baton, I talk about how critical it is that both runners in a relay race be moving forward. We also need to ‘think forward.’ One of my favorite scenes from ‘The Lion King’ is where Rafiki hits Simba in the head with his stick.  Simba says, “Hey, what

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