Give and Take

This country has always operated on the ‘give and take’ between political ideologies. In fact, it was built on it and for a quick reference listen to the banter between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson in the musical Hamilton during the second song from Act II “Cabinet Battle #1” – whether to establish a national

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Goats and Sheep

Included in Matthew’s Gospel is Jesus’ Judgement of Nations and reflection on goats and sheep [25:31–46]. Although often called a “parable,” it is just a “similitude” or an imaginative comparison. This passage gets a lot of attention around the deeds of mercy for the least of our brothers being a criterion of judgment. I have

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Less is More

I have an original piece of artwork displayed in my office from a friend of mine who is an artist. It is titled “Less is More.” My friend was visiting once during my kids’ elementary school fundraiser which included ‘spin art.’ If you have ever done spin art, it is cool to see what is

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Following up on my most recent blog post Ego it is a natural progression to do a blog on Humility. Although I covered the topic once before in Low Man Wins there is enough content about Humility that some people make a career out of writing, speaking and coaching on the subject.  Humility has gone out

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Low Man Wins

A well-used tenet in coaching football is the adage “low man wins.” It applies to line play as well as defeating blocks and tackling. It is all about pad level, getting into a low position enables a player to have more leverage on their opponent. Being lower to the ground provides a stronger base, more

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