Through Not Around

We must work through our problems, not around them. Through is a process, around is avoidance. The path through is always harder and possibly longer. It requires patience, self-control, as well as accountability. Working through problems is ‘pain with a purpose.’ Working around problems is a sign of immaturity or possibly lacking necessary life experiences,

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I will

“I will” speaks of the future. “I will” speaks of action, speaks of decisiveness, speaks of understanding the situation and knowing what to do next. There is power in making a commitment of what we “will do” — it creates a mission statement, of sorts. One of the major tenets that I adhere to is

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Final 1/3

I look at my life in three distinct time periods (so, a hockey analogy as opposed to my standard football one). The first 25+ years were about investing in myself – the focus on growing, maturing, being educated, becoming an adult, building a strong mind and body; and starting a career and being a contributing

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Stay in the Moment

One night in a hotel while on business travel, I was flipping through the channels and came across the ending of the movie “Walter Mitty”.  It was the scene where Sean Penn’s character opts not to take the rare photo of a snow leopard that he calls the ‘ghost cat’, a photo he has been

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Form over Speed

This fall I spent a day hiking the Appalachian Trail in Maryland with my daughter Beth.  Early in the hike we had a steep ascent on what is called a hard rock scramble, that gray area between hiking and rock climbing. During the climb I heard the expression from my daughter – ‘form over speed.’

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Come to Balance

  When we first taught tackling to high school football players we started off using the phrase “break down” as the expression for the player to get into a tackling position.  Coaches of all ages and across the country use that expression.  However, we came to realize that command made the player come to a

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