Try Not to Suck

“Try Not to Suck” became the rallying cry of the Chicago Cubs during their 2016 World Series Championship run, their first one in 108 years. It started in September 2015 when Javy Baez made his debut with the Cubs. Manager Joe Maddon, in an effort to relax the youngster, set that as his expectation. I […]

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I was recently on a panel discussion at work on the topic of diversity where the word ‘disappointment’ was used several times. It struck me that I have heard this word a lot lately – how we are disappointed in this response or statement or action. Most of the time it is said as a

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Black or White Thinking

I recently had an experience with someone who is a very black or white thinker. In their world it either ‘is’ or it ‘isn’t.’ To me that is a tough way to live especially when interacting with other people. It can lead to a lot of frustration. I’ve read that frustration occurs when someone does

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