Coach Mahr would like to provide some exposure to these businesses and organizations as a thank you for their faith in Coach Mahr and following his blog.

Coach Mahr in Lehigh
  • Friends of the Word, Inc. endeavors to evangelize, inspire and inform those who search for God and seek a richer Catholic, Christian, and human life through lectures, public discussion groups, forums, panels, writings, digital media, radio, television, and print media consisting of religious and moral subject matter based on Christian scriptures and teachings. In addition, to provide an education on the Holy Bible and the Gospels of our Lord Jesus Christ, especially through the homilies of Father Lou Scurti.
  • Waredaca Brewing Company – Montgomery County Maryland’s premier farm brewery, committed to sustainability, local ingredients and brewing beer using the best practices possible. All their beers include something grown/produced on the farm and their production schedule is directly related to harvest timing. A family farm for over 60 years, now with a brewery that functions in harmony with the wide array of activities that make this place what it is today.
  • Milestone Events – A fabulous venue located on Main Street in the quaint town Wellsville, Kansas. It combines rustic charm and modern elegance. Over 100 years old and lovingly restored in 2016/2017, Milestone is available for everything from family dinners to corporate events to gorgeous weddings.
  • Adam Mahr Art - Adam Mahr is a pyrography artist based in St. Petersburg, Florida. A wood burning hobby during the long and ponderous stay-at-home orders imposed in April 2020 due to the Coronavirus became a business. A passion for art and drawing combined with studying marine biology and the ocean, created the start with burning ocean-life. Next came people, sports figures. Please support small artists like Adam.
  • Solitude Farmz is a place to refresh one’s mind, body, and spirit. Designed with sustainability in mind, this bucolic, 125-acre retreat is a place where individuals and families can disconnect from modern life, while they reconnect with nature and each other. Located in Chenango County, near Oxford New York.
  • Jim Bearden – A recognized leadership and accountability expert, Jim Bearden’s uses his many rich life experiences, his humor, and his insights. He inspires people to step up to become better leaders and more engaged employees. Jim is one of America’s most dynamic, captivating speakers and authors, and, unlike most speakers, Jim offers an aggressive, post-event follow-up process to encourage retention and implementation of his concepts. Jim becomes your partner, a powerful agent for change.
  • The Powell Younger Project - a unique blend of R&B and Soul at its most elemental level. The vocals are handled by veteran singer Kip Younger. Providing the sonic palette for Kip’s incredible voice are Bryan Powell on guitar and backing vocals and Bernard Taliaferro on drums. The musical interplay between Bryan and Bernard is an exciting mélange of rhythm, chords, and melody that propels the music forward while at the same time anchoring Kip’s voice. If R&B, Soul, and Jazz in its most pure form excite you, then The Powell Younger Project is a sure bet.
  • Lenexa Coin Laundry – Located in the heart of “Old Town” Lenexa, Kansas. Built and opened in 1964, it is the only laundry / dry cleaner in town that has always been owned and operated by Lenexa residents. Give Lenexa Coin Laundry a try and find out why customers drive as much as 20 miles or more to do their laundry or have it professionally cleaned at Lenexa Coin Laundry.
  • Executive Disciple – The Executive Disciple is designed for the leader striving to overcome the frustration of a “divided life” – the separation of trying to live a virtuous life as a person of faith and trying to manage the onslaught of worldly cares and concerns. The Executive Disciple leads us on a journey to examine how we have come to understand Work, and Leisure, and the relationship between these which can lead us to an INTEGRATED life. Executive Disciple is designed to find YOU where you are. Mindful of that stack of books sitting unopened on your nightstand, Executive Disciple will come to you: a weekly blog available as a newsletter in your inbox to read at your leisure; a weekly podcast you can listen to on your commute or during your workout.

If you are interested in seeing your company listed here, please contact Coach Mahr.


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