A Presentation Without a Demonstration is Merely a Conversation

A Sales quip I first heard over 30 years ago came from the President of my employer, a man of great experience and knowledge – therefore wisdom: “a presentation without a demonstration is just a conversation.” He emphasized doing demonstrations to show our products outperforming the competition. Statics show that demonstrations translate into higher conversion, […]

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Context is the circumstance, environment, or background that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea. It sets the terms of understanding and assessment. Context is critical, because it informs us about the importance of something, what assumptions to draw (or not), and it puts meaning into the situation. Nothing exists, and can be

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Disunity is Not Acceptable

Unity is a decision, as is disunity. To be divided is a choice. Disagreement is acceptable, it is part of tolerance and in fact needed for growth. A lack of agreement among people happens. Disunity goes beyond disagreement. It is created by splits, breaches, even conflict between people. Division thwarts growth. Disunity is not acceptable.

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The Value of a Gift

It is interesting to note that the value of a gift is set by the receiver and not the giver. Consider the gift of underwear; to a 10-year-old at Christmas who was looking for a new bike, there is very little value in his eyes. Yet that same pair of underwear given to a homeless

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More to the Story

There is always more to the story than the headline, or what it seems like on the surface. So, we must look deeper. When we do, life becomes richer, and we gain an appreciation for life’s nuances. One of the biggest moments in Pittsburgh sports is the Pirates Bill Mazeroski winning Game 7 of the

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St. Patrick

St. Patrick was not Irish (British), did not banish all the snakes from Ireland (Ireland has never been home to snakes), did not wear green (blue was his color), and he certainly did not drink green beer (if he drank beer at all). As typical, over hundreds of years of exaggerated storytelling, his legend has

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Live Like You Are Dying

Released in June 2004 by American country music artist Tim McGraw, “Live Like You Were Dying,” was an enormous success. It won several ‘song of the year’ awards. The song’s lyrics center on experiencing life to its fullest and becoming a better person, after learning devastating and life changing news. It glamorizes the process of

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Love is a Verb

I do not have a Valentine’s Day blog in my 220+ posts over these past seven years. That might be because I address the concept of loving others in most of my posts. To highlight Valentine’s Day, let me state my belief: Love is a verb. It is not a wish, nor an emotion, but

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